The Chambersburg Quilt Guild is a non-profit organization that has been in existence for the past thirty years. From inception the membership has focused on a specific set of goals:

  • Share ideas and knowledge
  • Share quilts
  • Learn and improve skills
  • Learn to appreciate all facets of quilt making
  • Enjoy the fellowship of anyone who loves the art of quilting

Members do not need to be quilters or quilt makers. We encourage anyone with an appreciation for this functional art form to come and join in the educational and creative environment created by this multifaceted and giving organization.

We meet on the second Saturday of the month from September to May at the Eugene C. Clark, Jr. Community Center (Rec Center), in Bard Hall, at 235 S. 3rd Street (click here for directions) in Chambersburg.

19 Jun

Chambersburg Quilt Guild New Meeting Location

Members starting in September 2017 the Chambersburg Quilt Guild will be holding the Guild meetings in a new location.

The new meeting place is at:

Eugene C. Clark, Jr. Community Center (Rec Center) in Bard Hall

235 S. 3rd Street, Chambersburg, PA.

(click here for directions)


09 Sep

September 2017

September 9, 2017  12 pm till 3 pm

Chambersburg Quilt Guild Social Hour & Meeting with Announcement of 2017-18 Programs & Workshops

Location at Eugene C. Clark, Jr., Community Center (Rec Center) in Bard Hall, Chambersburg, Pa.

14 Oct

October 2017 Workshops

Seats are still available for the October Workshops.  Contact Dianna Garrett to register.  See the Workshop menu for additional information.

  1. Friday, October 13, 2017 – 9 am till 3 pm, All Day Workshop, “Innovative Applique with Rebecca Campbell.

Innovative Applique. The techniques and products eliminate prep work, lower the learning curve, and produce beautiful results right off the bat. Those projects cover points, curves, and shapes that lay under others. Both beginners and experienced quilters find Innovative Applique increases their accuracy and productivity. This technique can be stitched by hand or machine.

The class project is the Patti flower from ‘Plant Your Own Garden’ book by Rebecca L. Campbell.  A class kit fee of $5 (which includes pattern for Patti flower and templates) will be available at the class.

  1. Saturday, October 14, 2017 – 8:30 am till 11:30 am, Half Day Workshop, “English Paper Piecing Made Easy” with Rebecca Campbell. 

English Paper Piecing made easy using Innovative Applique.


01 Aug

The Chambersburg Quilt Guild 2017-2018 Calendar of Events is available in the Download Menu for printing.